Institutes are held on Thursday, July 16th.

Institute 1: Language Diversity, Global Politics, and Writing Support: What Are a WPA’s Responsibilities?

In this one-day institute, participants will examine their responsibilities for supporting students from diverse linguistic backgrounds as it pertains to their roles at their individual institutions. Participants will discuss strategies for building cross-campus partnerships, consider ethical and pedagogical implications of different support models, and design an action plan for one or more changes they will implement in their own programs.

Institute Leaders:

Dr. Gail Shuck

Dr. Steve Simpson


Institute 2: Designing Sustainable Writing Assessments [FULL]

In this institute, we will review current theory and practice in writing assessment, giving participants ways to think about assessment design and use, so they can implement effective writing assessments at their own institutions. We will focus on sustainable assessment practices that insure the efficacy, importance, and continuing status for the writing program itself.

Institute Leaders:

Dr. Nikki Caswell

Dr. Brian Huot



Institute 3: Exploring the World of Grants


This informal workshop will walk participants through the grant writing process, including developing a project, finding and creating funders and creating a relationship with the, and writing the proposal. In addition, participants will explore different types of grants and different resources available in the philanthropic world. Participants should come with a possible project in mind.


Institute Leaders: 

Dr. Barbara L'Eplattenier

Dr. Jill Gladstein

Dr. Dara Regaignon